Academic Accessibility

Through Technology for Filipinos

e-Turo by RYR Innovations


e-Turo equips classrooms with technological tools that enhance the classroom experience through modular wireless gadgets suited for Elementary level students and teachers.

Distance learning

Through wifi, e-Turo allows students access to academic resources and still participate in class either in the classroom with social distancing or at home via online classes.

Future proofing

e-Turo is set up to address the next step in “distance learning” or online classes by not only providing a web conference/online classroom feature, but also additional classroom essentials such as simultaneous screen sharing, digital multiple choice quiz, live math problem solving features, and more.


As the country faces shortages in supplies, e-Turo helps address the lack of paper, by allowing the entire student experience through the proprietary tablet as it is equipped with note take and jotting.

Content ready

Faculty members will find that the Tablets and Smart TVs already contain helpful educational aids such as world maps, math formulae, the periodic table, and more. This makes lectures conducted both F2F and online transition from the traditional “slides” format and into a more seamless flow, blurring the lines between one subtopic to the next.

K12 based

All contents are already embedded, and updated constantly for the K12 curriculum. As well as the ability to modify and custom fit contents for each school’s individual syllabi. We have over 1,300 learning modules ready for Math, Science, Reading, Language, Hekasi, and Computer, and more. Learning modules are in various multimedia formats such as interactive animation, video, text, etc.

Teacher friendly

e-Turo is also equipped with student performance assessment tools that help faculty members better address learning curves and individual student learning experiences.


We are also equipped with AI text-to-speech features for English, Bisaya, and Tagalog, for students with disabilities. And we continue to develop other features that also allow e-Turo to become available for all students and teachers.

e-Turo was born out of the passion for social innovation through technology. Through digitization, accessibility and academic progress is enhanced further for the Filipino youth. With the use of modern technology and proper planning.

With our proprietary tablet/TV technology, we are able to digitalize the classroom setup with the usage of SMART TVs and WiFi capable tablets.

Smart TV

Our Smart TV’s are capable of functioning as a classroom enhancement with features such as: wireless screen sharing, digital chalkboard function, dual-software (Android & Windows), and more.


e-Turo’s proprietary tablet is capable of connecting to the e-Turo Smart TV utilizing screen sharing, recitation, output submission, and more. It can also be used to take classes from home.

RYR Innovations

RYR Innovations is a technological company focused on progress-driven ventures that benefit Filipinos through various technological initiatives and projects, with projects involving multiple industries and socioeconomic markets.