e-Turo by RYR

e-Turo was developed with rising and current social and natural issues in mind. As the country enters an education crisis, fights the battle against COVID-19, and faces the current climate, e-Turo was initiated to help address these issues through the use of technology by building the wireless classroom setup.

For Students

Students will be able to participate in class whether they are at home or they are in the classroom. They will be able to:

  • Participate in recitation through screen sharing, and live audio/video session with classmates
  • Submit work whether homework or seatwork through file sharing
  • Review course material through a database of videos and supporting material (periodic table, formulae, world maps, etc.)
  • …and many more

For Teachers

Our dedicated Filipino teachers will be able to attend to their students using a tablet or through the proprietary Smart TV that can function as a helpful tool that digitizes the classroom through the following features:

  • File sharing useful for transfer of output and course material
  • Video conferencing helpful for conducting classes or 1 on 1 consulting
  • …and other features modular to each situation

Our Beesee powered Smart TV’s are capable of:

  • optical bonding technology
  • high accuracy touch function with quick erase feature,
  • 4K wireless sharing, 4K video conferencing
  • dual OS (android/windows)
  • multi-touch display (simultaneous gesture/touch)
  • digital whiteboard functionality
  • distance learning


Our Smart TV’s and tablets are modular for each situation and adaptable for our partners. Our high powered feature-heavy TV’s and tablets can be backed up by our more cost friendly and more essential-feature-only models and setups, answering each and every type of classroom setup.